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By guest, Oct 21 2014 03:13PM

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Sep 4 2019 09:27PM by Pmicheletadlock

Caution re: euthanasia practices.Not all vets use the same method/s. Be informed & keep updated on their method/s & how they would affect your loved one/s, if choosing. Don't let the doctor minimize the procedure. (ie "It's a drug administered through an IV that stops the heart in 5 sec." When in fact it actually took nearly 30 sec. & my poor beloved dog was in complete & total agony the whole time. I've never seen him like this before. His whole body contorted.his facial expressions were of much pain & he repeatedly made sharp crying sounds until he finally fell forward with such force, as if an invisible person was murdering him right in front of me and then threw him down face forward. I was completely devastated & was unaware of what had been put in the IV. It wasn't the anesthesia overdose serum. I was told by the dr. that "It was too expensive & didn't always work." I WOULDN'T HAVE EVER AGREED TO THIS!!! My point being, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING BEFORE IT BEGINS!!! BE CAUTIOUS,BE UPDATED. KNOW & MAKE SURE BOTH YOUR LOVED ONE & YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THE DOCTOR & THE SITUATION BEFORE CONSENTING TO ANYTHING!!!

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