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Pomeranian sleeping on bed

Care for your cat by ensuring that it is properly tended to while you are away. Many cat owners believe they can leave a cat to care for itself as long as there is adequate food and water left out. This is a misconception. Our kennel attendants see to it that your cat is properly fed, nurtured, and loved in your absence. We'll keep your feline healthy and happy.


Many kennels aren't equipped to give your dog the level of attention it needs while you are gone. Our professional staff will

feed, nurture, and lavish attention on your best friend.


We will give your pet plenty of outdoor playtime in a safe, well-kept, outdoor environment.

We can keep your pet outdoors during the day and indoors during the cooler nights. We'll ensure your dog is separated from dogs that it doesn't mix well with. You pet will surely get the attention it deserves.

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Our medical staff is available to observe your pets should they have an injury concern, or if they have a medical need. Make us your top boarding choice.

At O'Connor Animal Hospital, we can tend to your pet with more than just quality medical services. When you leave your home for a business trip or a vacation, you will need a better option that gives your pet convenient, attentive, and overnight boarding facility. We welcome cats and dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and conditions.


We offer your pet plenty of outdoor playtime, safe social situations, and our veterinarians will tend to your pet's medical needs while you are away.


Our facility has a fully air-conditioned and heated boarding facility to offer the best care for your pet.


We have separate areas for your cats, small dogs, and bigger dogs.

Rest easy when you are away -Trustworthy and affordable pet boarding services

A kennel even your dog will love

Feline boarding

Get hassle-free housing for your animal at a reasonable daily rate.